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New Zealand is a beautiful Island Country surrounded by an ocean on the northern and eastern parts of the country.

It is one of the best & most sought out places where immigrants choose to migrate with their families and individuals.

New Zealand is considered as the third most beautiful countries in the world. This peace-loving Country is rich in its cultural heritage and has been a welcoming Country to various races & religions.

With amazing healthcare& education benefits, high standards of living, today New Zealand is one of the fastest growing nations in the world.

Types of Visa

New Zealand offers various type of visa based on the applicant’s requirements the various visa process mentioned below.

Permanent Residence



Business Investors Visa

Skilled Migrant

This type of Visa allows to work as skilled labour citizens if you have a skill, experience, and qualifications New Zealand welcomes you to apply in the skilled migrant category. It’s a points-based system.


Permanent Resident

Permanent Resident PR Visa is designed specially to migrate permanently. If you are living two or more than years in New Zealand, you can apply for this type of Visa.


Work Visa

If you have skills and experience you have been offered an accreditation from the employer, you are aspect to apply for the Work Visa yet another way enables to progress the residency.


Requirements for New Zealand Immigration Visa

To Qualify in SMC the applicant profile should achieve 100 points minimum, A candidate must get at least 140 points to be Nominated automatically. The points fixed By the New Zealand Government will vary as per their Requirements.

Applicants with 140 points have a high chance of getting SMC. To qualify in New Zealand SMC system are calculated in various factors such as Age, Language Proficiency, Education or job offer from New Zealand Government, Spouse Job offer and Spouse qualifications.





Experience awards a maximum of 50 points to the applicants if the applicant has 8+ years of experience is eligible to claim 20 points lesser the years the points decreases accordingly.


Language Ability:

The applicant has to provide proof of their language ability. The language category awards a maximum of 20 points Superior English-20 Points Proficient English-10 points Competent English-0 points.

The applicant has to undertake language test recommended by the New Zealand Government.

IELTS: At least 6.5 band or above overall in all 4 modules (General or Academic Both accepted)

PTE: At least 65 or Greater points in all 4 modules

TOEFL: At least 79 or Greater points in all 4 modules

OET: At least B Band or Greater points in all 4 modules



Age category contains a maximum of 30 points whereas the points depend on the category under which your age fall.


Health Requirements – New Zealand Visa

There are 3 parts to the medical examination:

Medical history and physical examination.

Urine and blood tests.

Chest x-ray, if required.

The physician will complete the physical examination. He or she will check your height, weight, mental state, hearing and vision, listen to your heart, lungs, feel your abdomen and check your reflexes, power and the rest of your nervous system.

Benefits and features – New Zealand Visa

New Zealand Skilled Migrant has the right to stay in the country permanently some of the features have been listed:

You are free to live, work and study in New Zealand.

After 2 years of stay, the applicant can convert their PR into citizenship.

Get all All major benefits of what the New Zealand citizen hold.

Get an access to health care and Education system.

You can include your spouse and dependent children at the age 24 and under in the residence applications.

You can vote as a New Zealanders after staying 12 months in the country permanently.

You can buy or sell properties under SMC visa even which the famous H1B visa doesn't offer.


Processing Time – New Zealand Visa

As per the visa requirements the processing time may vary for a standard process the progression, it takes 6-8 months for permanent resident visa.

Permanent Resident visa -6-8 Months

Work visa-depends on the previous employer and it takes around 6 months

Travel visa-around 30 days


Getting the New-Zealand Immigration Visa

You might have got a clear idea about the New-Zealand Immigration, Visa Process, Eligibility Requirements, and Language ability.

Though it’s a computer-based system it’s a hassle-free you need an immigration expert to assist you to improve your points and update information about the various daunting visa procedures for Immigration to New-Zealand. We at Tristar Immigrations make your PR Visa dream come true by providing expert advice on all your Immigration needs.

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