1 million jobs in Canada in 90 days – Tristar Immigration

1 Million Jobs in Canada in 90 days

Canadian job posting highlights:

  • The open interest rate for June 2022 increased by 3.2%.
  • Employers need to hire more than 1 million workers for the third month in a row.
  • Total full-time and vacant jobs to reach 17.7 million by June 2022.
Jobs in Canada - Tristar Immigration

Canada adds 1 million jobs

Canadian workers are looking for workers and want to hire foreigners to immigrate to Canada and work in various jobs. Statistics Canada’s June 2022 report on wages, earnings, hours worked and job vacancies shows an increase in the number of people in paid employment and job openings.

Vacancies for June 2022

In June 2022, the number of open positions increased by 3.2%, the total number of open positions increased to 1.0379 million, and the total number of open positions reached 17.7 million. Job openings rose 1.4% to 1,526,000 jobs and positions in May 2022.

Job in Canada in June

Many jobs will be created in June 2022. The service sector added 88,000 jobs. The following table shows employment in the service sector:

Sector Number of jobs created
Educational services
Accommodation and food services
Professional scientific, and technical services
Healthcare and social services

The government and administrative sector was the only services sector to see a decline of 3,900 jobs.

In the raw material production sector, 7,800 employees work in construction companies, and 1,900 employees work in mining, quarrying and oil and gas companies.

Number of vacancies in the health sector

In June 2022, there were 43,400 healthcare job vacancies, up from June 2021. The industry is facing labor shortages as people have started visiting Canada as Covid-19 restrictions are eased. In June, there were 171,700 vacancies and 48,000 jobs in the lodging and catering industry. More details are published by Statistics Canada.

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