Canada historically took in 45,000 new immigrants in September 2021

Canada is back on track to reach 401,000 new immigrants by 2021. In order to achieve the goal, at least 45,000 immigrants per month must be admitted by the end of the year.

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Canada’s Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship Service confirmed to CIC News that Canada accepted 45,000 new immigrants in September.

This number is by far the highest number in recent Canadian history and among the highest monthly totals in Canadian history. Unfortunately, due to a lack of historical records, we cannot confirm the order of the numbers from September 2021 in the files.

According to independent historian Robert Feinberg, September is unlikely to be a first-century Canadian record as the vast majority of newcomers arrive during the hot spring and summer months. For example, it is estimated that between May and September, up to 80 percent of the 401,000 immigrants that Canada took in arrived in 1913 (approximately 64,000 immigrants per month).

However, the new September issue marks a major turning point in the success of a Canadian immigration system that tried to process applications during the epidemic. Before the epidemic, Canada received an average of 25,000 to 35,000 new immigrants per month. At the beginning of the epidemic, the number of permanent landings per month fell to just 4,000 in April 2020, the lowest level in modern times.


The decline began to slowly improve until the end of last year, but not as quickly as Canada’s target of 341,000 new immigrants by 2020. Instead, Canada took in 184,000 new immigrants last year alone.


To make up for this, the federal government decided to double immigration by looking for 401,000 new immigrants that year, up from the 1913 record. Canada got off to a good start to the year before losing momentum. However, in June Canada began hastening the arrival of 35,000 immigrants.

Canada Immigration News - Tristar Immigration

It is important to note that land landing occurs when foreign nationalism sees their legal status in Canada to be permanently determined. This can reach a person who will bring Canada from abroad or temporary residence in Canada to get permanent residence.


This discrimination is important because Canada is currently focused on transporting their existing residents to a permanent house.


Immigration, refugees and citizenship of Canada (IRCC) are led to their rational leadership in Canada, which are less likely to have the cofi disorder, such as travel restrictions and other delays that can prevent Canadian capacity this year this year. The country has decided to attract the majority of attention to the permanent landing that comes from abroad.


The focus shows that the transfer of it in Canada why population growth in the country is still low historically, among the historical immigration period. In September, Canada reported that the population of the country has increased by 0.5 percent last year, poor growth since World War I. Before the epidemic, the Canadian population grew by more than one percent per year. Sustainable residents who are renewed from abroad.

Canada is currently accepting 267,000 immigrants this year. In order to reach the target of 401,000 new immigrants between October and December, a further 134,000 immigrants must be attracted. This equates to around 45,000 new permanent residents per month.


The IRCC is prepared for this.


On February 13, it hosted its largest express draw by inviting 27,332 Canadian Experience Class candidates to apply for permanent residence. Given the time it takes for an invitee to apply for permanent residence and the time it takes for the IRCC to process it, it is reasonable to expect many of these individuals to receive permanent residence status by the end of this year.


Additionally, the IRCC launched six temporary streams in May that will allow 90,000 current residents to apply for permanent residence. The ministry plans to process around 40,000 applications by 2021.


In June, Canada lifted travel restrictions on all approved permanent residents so they could enter Canada and complete their immigration process. Canada also recently lifted a flight ban from India, a major source of Canadian immigrants.


A combination of these key factors and other efforts by the IRCC will place Canada in a strong position to meet its goal of at least 401,000 immigrants by the end of 2021.

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