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Best Canada immigration consultants in India for Canada PR?

Selecting the best Canadian PR consultant in India can be overwhelming. There are many immigration consultants to choose from, but how do you find out who is right for you?

The Canadian visa process can seem very difficult at times, but with the help of any good immigration consultant, it doesn’t have to be!


How to find the Best Canada PR Consultant in India?

The most important thing to learn in choosing the best visa agents is to check whether it is real or not. Since many independent consultants are notorious, it is always best to choose a registered consultant.

Here are 5 steps to follow when choosing a PR consultant in India:

1. Check their online reputation -

Check out the consultancy’s Google and JustDial reviews. If their average rating is good enough, then you can be sure.


Examine their published articles to better understand the goals and values ​​of the company. You can also search for customer testimonials on the website.


Read about their services and products and look for awards, accreditations, and recognitions that the visa consultant may have received.

2. Look for fraudulent signs -

See if they are offering you a guaranteed job, a guaranteed visa, or guaranteeing something unrealistic.


No visa consultancy can guarantee anything, since the consultancy does not carry out the issuance of the visa. It is carried out by the competent government authorities of the country for which you are applying.


Always read the company’s terms and conditions policy carefully before committing.

3. Visit the office -

Select the office closest to you and request a consultation by phone, email, or directly from the website.


Once you are in the office, you can:

  • Ask about the size of the company, no. departments, etc.
  • Have the team evaluate your profile
  • Get to know all the services that the company provides
  • Learn about the cost breakdown of your visa process
  • Look for additional services to help you settle abroad after you have received your visa

4. Check for knowledge and expertise -

Good things take time.


Therefore, never rush payments. Check the consultant’s experience before opting to go ahead with your visa process. Ask questions about the schedule, legalities, documentation, and costs. Be honest with your requirements.


This way, when your case officer talks to you about their visa process, you can search for extensive information to confirm if they know what they are talking about.

5. Talk about your expectations -

Ask your consultant about their years of experience in the industry and how they can be resourceful to you. If you feel like they are really answering your questions and don’t beat around the bush, you know you’ve found a trusted visa advisor.

Tristar Immigration is one among the leading and most trustworthy Visa Consultants in India!

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