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Did you know that Australia was one of the top travel destinations for Indians applying for permanent residence abroad in 2020/2021.

Australia Immigration - Tristar Immigration

Each year Australia attracts more than 1.8 lakh of applicants (including entrepreneurs, migrant professionals, students, etc.) through its various immigration programs. The local Innovation and Investor Program and the Global Talent Australia program account for less than 20% of that total.

Get to know Australia:

Official name: Commonwealth of Australia


Total area: 7,692,024 square kilometers


Population: 25.69 million


Capital: Canberra


Official language: English (de facto)


Currency: Australian dollar (A $) (AUD). 1 Australian dollar = 54.97 Indian rupees


Passport reference: 8th in the world (184 visa-free destinations)


Security index: The 11th safest country in the world (Global Financial Security Index)


Peace Index: The 16th Most Peaceful Country in the World (Global Peace Index)


Cost of Living: Average monthly cost for a married couple (including rent, utilities, food, transportation, and entertainment): $ 2,322. According to, the monthly rent of 2BHK in Sydney is A$ 2,600.

Want to Immigrate to Australia?

Australia Residence by Investment:

Investment and Business Innovation Program

Non-Australian citizens can apply for temporary residence in one of the Business Innovation and Investment Program Streams: Business Innovation Stream, Investor Stream, Key Investor Stream, or Entrepreneur Stream. Temporary visas provide a direct route to permanent residence after three years, subject to specific requirements for residence and investment or business rotation. The first visa is valid for 5 years.


Global program for independent talent

The Global Talent Independent Program is a simplified permanent residency program for highly qualified executives, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and professionals. The program aims to help strengthen Australia’s innovation and technology economy and create opportunities for Australians through skills transfer, innovation, and job creation. The Australian government is looking for the best and brightest talent worldwide in 10 promising sectors.

Investment Requirements:

Business innovation and investment program

Business Innovation Pathway: Individuals must pass a score test, have a successful company with at least A $ 750,000 in revenue and A $ 1.25 million net worth assets.


Investor Flow: Individuals must pass an assessment test and deposit A$ 2.5 million into a managed Australian mutual fund on a temporary visa.


Significant Investor Stream: Individuals are required to deposit at least A$ 5 million into a managed Australian mutual fund that meets temporary visa validity.


Entrepreneurial Flow: Individuals must have state or territorial approval.



Global program for independent talent

No need for investment for applicants


Applicants must be internationally recognized, already prominent in their field, and be able to demonstrate outstanding achievements in their profession.


They must also prove that they are wealthy in their field for Australia and have no problem finding work in Australia or becoming a reputable name in their field.

Key Benefits:

  • High standard of living in a multicultural society


  • Political, social, and economic stability


  • Skills-based migration system with predictable results


  • The road to citizenship after four to five years


  • A child born in Australia to a parent who is a permanent resident of Australia is automatically a citizen of Australia.

Median house price in Australia:

The average home price in Sydney is around $ 1.41 million while Melbourne and Canberra average $ 1 million. House prices in Brisbane peaked at $ 678,000 during the pandemic. With an average home price of $ 872,000, Perth is more expensive than Western Australia, with an average home price of $ 490,000. The average home price last year ranged from $ 750,000 per home to $ 442,000 per unit.

Want to Immigrate to Australia?

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